Mike originates from North East England but has been living in and around London since 1995 and has successfully restored three of his own homes, generating significant equity growth and being able to use these assets to build a solid base for his family.

Parkinson Restorations Ltd has grown steadily from a one-man band in 2001 working with dozens of different sub-contractors over the years until in late 2011 six full-time employees were recruited to the company allowing Mike to invest in their education, longevity and improve their skills and productivity through incentivising bonus schemes.  In turn, this ensures that PR Ltd can deliver design-led creative solutions to sometimes complex projects without the need to contract out the work.  This seemless approach using your single point of contact offers you significant benefits to progress your project, over other less scrupulous builders.

When Mike left school he had a desire to work with cars and was lucky enough to be able to learn and train with professionals restoring classic Triumphs.  It is from this basis of high quality vehicle restoration that many of his current property refurbishment values and skills originate from. Further career moves making new cars, moving into public relations and then into marketing for Nissan, even into the agency side of marketing further enhanced his knowledge of business practices and have proved invaluable to the running of PR Ltd. All this experience has contributed to ensuring that Mike builds good relationships with his clients and takes great pride in his work.

Keeping up to date with accreditations is vital to the professionalism of the business and PR Ltd has received qualifications enabling the design and installation of plumbing and electrical systems (Thames Water Approved Plumber Status and NICEIC) and also the provision of the full suite of renewable energy technologies including:

– Photovoltaic installations (panels to provide electricity from the sun and sell surpluss back to the national grid)

– Solar Thermal (providing hot water all year round from panels normally fixed to roofs)

– Ground Source Heat Pumps (bore hole, water source or ground loop installations providing heating and hot water from the ground)

– Air Source Heat Pumps (the reverse concept of a refridgerator, using the warmth in the air to provide hot water and heating)

– the provision of Warm Water Underfloor Heating Systems, maximising the benefit of the above renewable technologies

Further information on the renewable energy sector and what it can mean for you can be found on our sister company website at

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