Taking something that is run down or not delivering against the needs of users and then turning into an eye catching designed space or useable area again is a key interest to our business. You could say it is like “making something beautiful again”

The accuracy required to deliver top quality projects or tasks is only available to craftsmen who care about the work they do.

The porch below was added to the house and then the whole of the front of the house was rendered with the AVAL/ATLAS ETICS External Thermal Insulating Compound System to provide an energy efficient skin to the house to prevent heat loss and potentially cut heating costs by up to 40%. We think it looks really smart!

We believe the key to any finished renovation is the preparation. Having a focus on the whole breadth of tasks involved will ensure all aspects of the process are intertwined and that no aspect gets overlooked or is not considered.

Below is a brief sample of a typical small kitchen renovation starting with before photos, some during and ending up as complete, which was then client decorated.